Dylan Johanson


Innate Movement Parkour founder and Head Coach Dylan Johanson holds an ADAPT Level 2 certification in parkour teaching. This certificate is not given out lightly; it must be earned through demonstrating a high level of coaching ability, physical and mental conditioning, technical proficiency, and knowledge of the discipline. Simply put, there aren't very many parkour coaches in the world who have attained ADAPT Level 2. Dylan has trained with many world-renowned practitioners including three of parkour's founders- Chau Belle, Laurent Piemontesi, and Yann Hnautra- as well as Dan Edwardes, Andy Pearson, Chris 'Blane' Rowat, Frederico Gato Mazzoleni, Mikkel Thisen, Jesse Danger, Sasa Sevo, Max Henry, Juho Kuusisaari, Ryan Ford, Amos Rendao, and many others.