Jordan Alexander Williams

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Land Justice Steward


Pronouns: they/them

Jordan Alexander Williams is a queer Hoodoo, earth tender, and living ancestor. 

Jordan was born and raised in the so-called Chicagoland area of Illinois, lands stewarded by many peoples and lineages including: the Potawatomi, Miami, Ho-Chunk and at least a dozen more Indigenous Nations, and Hoodoos / Black African peoples of Turtle Island (so-called North America).

In 2016, Jordan graduated from the University of Illinois (a land-grab university) with a degree in environmental science and a concentration in human dimensions of the environment. They have since collaborated with human and more-than-human beings across Turtle Island to:

  • develop the collective visions and leadership of environmental changemakers ;
  • facilitate organizational culture shifts towards anti-racism and cooperative leadership ;
  • cultivate food, climate, and ecological justice ; and
  • build liberatory practices, relationships, and spaces with Two-Spirit, Queer, and Trans / Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (2SQT/BIPOC).

Jordan trusts that the liberation and regeneration of people and planet will come by dancing in the moon and sunlight, getting our hands in the soil, caring for each other, and reclaiming and evolving the earth-sourced wisdom(s) of our ancestors.



Land Justice Steward