Community Point People

Community Point People are deeply rooted members of the community who own or work at businesses along or near the main corridor of Broadway and act as a bridge between us and their networks.

They help us spread the word about our work by proactively engaging customers in conversation about our initiatives, having our communications materials on hand, and sharing how to get in touch with us. We also get input and insight from them on how we can best engage and serve the community.

Office Hours

Our outreach coordinator, Shaniqua, invites the community to stop by at chat for one hour every month or two at our Community Point People's businesses. She reserves a table with an "Ask Us" sign and eats a meal with whoever joins her. Shaniqua provides updates, responds to inquires and shares opportunities for how get involved with our work. Check below for the next event!

Community Rounds

Shaniqua conducts regular Community Rounds to get insight into the community that each business serves so that we can ensure our work is relevant, and to share important updates about Kingston Land Trust Initiatives that have an impact on their clientele, for example, the development of the Broadway Streetscape project, a segment of the Kingston Greenline.

Community Point People