**Contact us for more information and to express interest in joining any of these groups**


Join our Greening Group!

The purpose of this group is to increase urban food production and public access to green space, improve ecosystem functions, beautify spaces in and around the city, and to foster a more harmonious relationship with our natural systems. Also, it provides an opportunity for sharing of knowledge and practical community-based education on the topics that the group's projects cover, including the following:

  • Landscaping, gardening, and farming

  • Permaculture and edible forest gardens  

  • Ecological land management

  • Green infrastructure

There are already some great opportunities to get involved with urban agriculture in Kingston, including community gardens, youth gardening programs, urban farms, and farm stands that are affordable or free. 


Join Trail Rangers!

Every spring summer and fall we host a number of trail monitoring walks and clean-ups on the Kingston Greenline.


Join Our Design Workgroup!

If you have expertise in urban, graphic, landscape or industrial design, you can lend your skills to the design of projects along the Kingston Greenline and on Kingston Land Trust properties.


Join Our Team!

Do you have professional skills and knowledge that you think would benefit one of our initiatives or programs? Ask us about the process of becoming a board member, thought partner or consultant.