Land Songs



In honor of celebrating Earth Day every day, we invite you to collaborate with us on a community playlist of land-related songs to build connections between each other and the planet we share.

Themes cover celebration of and concern for nature, water, farming, land sovereignty and heritage. 

If you are inspired by this project, consider making a gift to the Earth through our Protect Our Outdoors fund!

Submit your land song here!

If you are a local artist and you would like to contribute or write a song about the land for our future Local Land Songs album, contact us at!

Listen to the first 100 songs below or open in Spotify for the full playlist!



Check out these additional submissions that were not available on Spotify!

Red, Gold - Marigo Farr

Storm in the Bedroom - Marigo Farr

The Wild Eaters - Marigo Farr

Inch by Inch (Garden Song) - Dave Mallet (sung by Pete Seeger)

A Tree - Aram Rubenstein-Gillis

In the Garden - Jolene Thompson

Land - Globelamp

We Belong to the Earth - Magpie (Greg Artzner + Terry Leonino)

Who Will Speak for the Trees? - Magpie (Greg Artzner + Terry Leonino)