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The Kingston Land Trust Fundraises to Acquire 54 Acres for Land in Black Hands Program


KINGSTON, January 2024 — The Kingston Land Trust (KLT) announces a critical milestone in its mission to address historical inequities in land access and ownership with the launch of the Land in...

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This grant program was made possible by a $50,000 contribution from Scenic Hudson’s Climate and Environmental Justice Fund and supports BIPOC farmers and growers who often enter the field with limited access to resources and financial challenges. Land in Black Hands (LIBH) is a program of the Kingston Land Trust (KLT) dedicated to amplifying the voices and addressing the needs of BIPOC individuals who have endured generations of land and sovereignty dispossession.
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After five years of exemplary leadership, Julia Farr has stepped down from her role as Executive Director of the Kingston Land Trust (KLT). She has passed her responsibilities to the staff shared leadership team who have guided the organization with her for the past two years.

Over her...

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-- Harambee establishes a conservation easement with the Kingston Land Trust to forever protect the sacred site--


Today, title to the site of the African Burial Ground on Pine Street in Kingston was transferred to the African-American heritage organization, Harambee, from the Kingston Land Trust (KLT) with...

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-- To preserve forested limestone terrain, historic quarry and lime kilns for ecological management and community engagement--

The Kingston Land Trust (KLT) has protected six acres of forest and an historic quarry and lime kilns in the City of Kingston’s hamlet of Wilbur. The land acquired by the...

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Do you visit or travel the Kingston Greenline regularly? Interested in trail monitoring, trail stewardship, or volunteering to support trails in Kingston? Sign up to become a Trail Ranger! 
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After a whirlwind awareness and fundraising campaign in 2019, we successfully protected the Pine Street African Burial Ground in partnership with Harambee and in collaboration with Scenic Hudson. Since then, we have continued to work with Harambee and other community partners to steward and plan for the future of this sacred site.
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We are committed to centering the voices and needs of people of color, and specifically Black people, in our work around land access, Ownership, livelihood through the land, and land conservation.

Partnering with and Sponsoring Black-led Organizations:

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